Monday, November 26, 2007

First Responder Protocol

First: Ask yourself Fire, Medical or Police Emergency? Call 911
Second: If emergency, secure the scene- do not allow anyone inside the living unit who is not listed above.
Third: Would you leave this person alone?
Address imminent danger:
Elder Protective Service 1-800-922-2275
Disabled Person Protection Commission 1-800-426-9009
Child Protective Services 1-800-543-7508
Animal Cruelty: MSPCA Hotline 1-800-628-5808
Fourth: Concerns about housing unit and animals?
Health Department: 978-921-8591
Building Department: 978-921-6025
Fire Prevention: 978-927-2200
Animal Control: 978-921-6040
Fifth: After emergency concerns have been addressed