Thursday, December 6, 2007


The Task Force decided to form committees to help gather information and further support our mission. If you were not present at the November meeting, please think about which committee interest you. Committees will meet seperately and report back to the group at our task force meetings.

Education and Training: Ellen Ellis, Cheryl K., Suzanne

Support Group Development: Susan Kaplan, Deborah S.

Advocacy: Anne Springer

Fundraising: Diane Moses


Cheryl K said...

Hi Teri and Laurie:
Were you able to find any info on whether we are able to obtain more trainings from BU on working with hoarders? We have obtained the training manual for Supportive Home Care Aides and are moving forward with that with one of our vendors.

Beverly Hoarding Task Force said...

Yes- BU is interested in holding a Hoarding Institute Training in the North Shore. We are moving ahead with this .... lots of planning to do.