Thursday, December 18, 2008

Please note some new resources...

  • Check out - you can list items you want to get rid of and people respond who need them.
  • Women of Faith with ADHD: Come find acceptance and understanding, A support group, facilitated by a clinical social worker and pastoral minister Christine Monterio, MSW, LICSW in Beverly. Contact 978-578-6820 for more information. Medicare/Mass Health, Blue Cross PPO accepted. Private fee is $25 per sessopn, or sliding scale.
  • Screaming Flea Production Inc. is creating a documentary television series that will provide a team of professionals to help Compulsive Hoarders. Contact Abby Lautt at (206) 763-3383 x239 or

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Pastor Steve said...

Care for First Responders

In every case of tragedy caused by accident or crime, the public always focuses its attention on the victims and their families. And, that is it the way it should be when death or serious injury occurs. This is certainly true in the injury or death of a child.

There is, however, another group that also feels the pain. First responders are the ones who work injury and death scenes in the most difficult of circumstances. They must protect boundaries of personal emotion to professionally manage a tragedy. But when the day is over, and these public servants return to their homes and to their families, the realities of a critical incident become a potential source of personal heartache.

Let us all be conscious of the feelings of our first responders and lift them up on prayer. Ref: Stories of the Street: Images of the Human Condition.
Volunteer Police Chaplain Steve Best