Friday, May 29, 2009

Meeting May 14, 2009

Attendees: Brian, Dawn, Michelle, Pat, Debbie and Teri.


  • The resource list has been given to Debbie who has generously arranged for the initial batch to be photocopied. Hopefully at our next meeting, we'll be moving toward getting this important resource distributed into our communities, as this seems to be the greatest expressed need - who to call for assistance. If anyone has updates to the resource list, please send them to me via email or give me a call. This is a fluid document and the more current we can keep the information, the more helpful it will be to clients and providers.

  • The (very rough draft) of the brochure was distributed for review and I'll plan to bring that to next month's meeting as well as shoot an email out to our list - we are looking for feedback by the first week in July so that we can finalize that too.

  • A starter kit for beginning a local support group was requested from Clutterer's Anonymous.

The group discussed the expansion of the Task Force to include other communities on the North Shore and will look to begin hosting the meetings at various agencies/organizations to "cast a wider net." Please email or call with suggestions of other agencies that might like to be included in updates on our efforts/meetings. Also, if you know of a task force operating in your community, please forward the contact information to me for the group's chairperson(s). We'd really like this to be a coordinated effort and don't want to inadvertently overlook anyone.

The task force is working on planning our next conference and is looking for your thoughts on funding, venues to host, structure of the day, etc. Again, feel free to email these suggestions to me.

Next meeting:

Thursday, June 11, 2009 at Beverly Senior Center, 90 Colon Street, Beverly, MA

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Hi Laurie:
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